Sick of Land Based Casinos?

There are a lot of reasons to switch from a land based casino to an online casino, the biggest one being comfort. You can’t go to a casino in your pajamas, but you can go to an online casino in them. You have comfort, accessibility and availability all from the comfort of your own home – why would you go back to a land based casino at all?

There is also the idea that if you go to a land based casino and there is a particular game that you like to play and someone is playing it, you are out of luck. This doesn’t happen with online gambling as you can simply log on and play whatever game your heart desires.

There are three different types of online casinos – web based, downloadable and live action. Web based are good for those that don’t like to download software onto their computer. This online casino lets you participate and play from their server – without having to download anything. If you want to play for cash you will have to give them your personal info and set up an account, but other tan Java or Microsoft installments you won’t need to download a thing.

Downloadable online casinos are the exact opposite. You download all of the software to your computer so that you can play their online gambling games. You still need to set up an account online with the online casino, but once you log in you simply connect your software to the casino and it runs. A lot of players like this because it makes the online casino run faster than if you are running it from the web instead of your computer.

Finally there are live based best canada online casinos, but there are very few of them out there yet. These are set up in casino studios and it is just like you are sitting down in an actual casino. It is just like watching web cams only more sophisticated. Some say that they are the wave of the future – only time will tell.

The Kahnawake Mohawk Tribe is denying recent reports that claim that the Canadian government is trying to eliminate all online gambling that they offer. They say that the reports have been erroneous and completely blown out of proportion, and that this is not the case at all.

They state that the story has come from John Ivison, a “conservative columnist at the National Post” that is out of Ottawa. They say that Ivison has taken “editorial liberties” and that not only is the story not true, Ivison does not even have the clout to warrant writing such a report.

The media had taken his “story” and pursued it as if it were real, when in fact it was not. They said that Ivison is not a member of the Department of Justice, nor is he a “recognized expert in the field of iGaming.”

Chuck Barnett, Board of Supervisors for Mohawk Internet Technologies, reported to that the story is basically an “editorial column” and that if people were to take note they would see that neither side commented for his article as there were no comments to be made.

Barnett has stepped forward before during times of supposed upheaval in their online gambling dealings. He has always been at the ready to set the record straight and this time is no different than any other. He wanted to ensure that the fact spoke for themselves and that people did not start to worry about what would be come of their online gambling site if they were shut down – especially since there is no truth to the rumor.

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